Hotel Porta Caucasia Kazbegi-Discover What Is Yours 09 July, 2020


Discover what is yours – Travel to Georgia – This is the main call of the year of the Georgian National Tourism Administration, which advises all residents of Georgia to travel, get to know and discover their own country, once again to make sure that Georgia is truly distinguished by its sights, nature, history and with the diversity of touristic destinations.

is increasing every year. However, this year, when the borders are closed, it is important that part of this money is spent on domestic tourism, which will contribute to the country’s economic stability and will significantly help residents of different regions of Georgia to maintain financial stability.

The decision has been made and the fabulous adventure begins with a trip to our country. Now we have to decide where to start the journey – this question has probably been on the minds of many of us for a long time. Some of us have even started traveling, and some of us are now choosing the destinations to visit. Believe me, be sure to plan one of the first tours in Kazbegi, from where you will discover the fabulous beauty of Georgia!

150 km from Tbilisi, about 2 hours drive and you are in Stephantsminda, a place that is very close to the sky and enchants any visitor with its majestic mountains, nature, grandeur, and historical sights. The glaciers, Gergeti Trinity Church, Dariali gorge, Juta, Truso Valley – can you even imagine traveling to Georgia without visiting these places?
Arriving in Kazbegi, we stop at the hotel “Porta Caucasia”. Caucasus Gate – this is what the name of the 4-star hotel means and describes Kazbegi and its location, which is really the northern gate of Georgia, with the unspeakable beauty of nature, ecology, tranquility, and grandeur of the history of highland Georgia. 33 rooms, open and closed verandas, Georgian and European cuisine, spa, gym, conference hall, beauty center, wine shop – this is not all that the hotel “Porta Caucasia” offers to guests. What is more important, all of these are offered quite at an affordable price. Hotel accommodation is available from 180 GEL for 1 night in a 2-seater apartment.

Porta Caucasia is located in the center of Kazbegi and from its verandas and rooms, one can see the beautiful panoramic view of the snow-capped ridges and glaciers. One of its most important features is that the hotel gathers the desired destinations for tourists with completely different interests and expectations: mountain and adventure tourism, eco-tourism, wine tourism, ethnic- tourism. It is in Porta Caucasus that you can find a place both for family holidays and adventures. It is noteworthy to mention that the hotel is fully adapted for people with disabilities and security measures are maximally protected for guests.

The more you get to know the environment, the more convinced you are that no detail is accidental and is created with a great taste. From the second floor of the complex, you can get introduced to the culture and history of the highland region of Georgia with unique and exclusive photo-exhibits with 100 years of history on the walls of the complex, which tell us about the history of Kazbegi.

After being tired from traveling, the hosts will invite us to the kitchen and another culinary adventure begins here. Locals unanimously note that the most delicious cuisine in the ravine including one of the most distinctive dishes of highland Georgia – Khinkali is made in “Porta Caucasia”, for which guests often come from Gudauri, Pasanauri and the suburbs of Kazbegi.

In addition, here you can also taste mtsvadi, kebab, khabizgina, pkhali, and many other dishes that are typical for local cuisine. At the same time, the hotel has a European restaurant “Liguria”, which offers a variety of European dishes.

Wine tourism lovers can visit the winery “Khareba” where the visitors can enjoy Georgian map-shaped wine niche, tasting corners, and more than 50 types of wine.

For those who like to be more active and plan to carry out various mountain tours from Kazbegi, the hotel offers this service too. The hotel administration will help you plan individual and group tours in different directions, such as Gergeti Trinity, Dariali Valley, Truso Valley, Sno, Juta, etc. The tour in the direction of Kobi is included in the cost of the standard hotel package.

From the first minute, the staff of “Porta Caucasia” pays special attention to each guest and makes you feel that hospitality is really one of the special traditions in Georgia.


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