The cousin of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, Jabrail Khangoshvili, who emigrated from the country, recalls his death


Jabrail Khnagoshvili has left Georgia together with his family and relatives, other Khangoshvilis and emigrated to Europe. Jabrail Khangoshvili is the cousin of Zelimkhan, they were raised together in one household. They fought against Russia to protect their respective countries: Georgia and Chechnia. Jabrail says: I may live long but will never forget the war in Chechnia, especially the second war.


Jabrail says: I may live long but will never forget the war in Chechnia, especially the second war.

I cannot forget it because I lost everything there, my house, my brothers my homeland, I will never forgive the Russians the blood shed and tears mixed together that they cause in Chechnia.

  • You also fought for Georgia
  • Me and all my brothers, all the Khanghoshvili family were fighting in 2008 war against Russia. I also fought back in 1996-2000thats when the Russian-Chechnian war started I lived in the village Octomberi in Chechnia, I have two homelands Georgia and Chechnia I fought for both all my life.
  • And you still left your country
  • Yes we did the whole family emigrated..
  • The reason?
  • Because we knew we were predestined to die in our own land
  • Who left together with you? And why
  • We were followed, and oppressed, we went to the police several times, and asked to provide protection to us and all our family, but in 2015 they shot Zelimkhan and when we heard the minister’s speech commenting on his death, we knew we were not protected, none of us, that’s why all of us the cousins decided to leave the country..and fled to Europe
  • But Zemilhan was still killed
  • Unfortunately they still managed to kill him
  • What was the reason, why did they fight with you
  • They could not stand us, they did not want us to be alive
  • Why?
  • Because the Russian’s would not forgive us that we fought against them and Georgian government strangely cooperates with them, That why we had no peace in Georgia, we wanted to raise our kids peacefully but they would not let us do that
  • So you ran together with Zelimkhan from here, but why, from what?
  • We ran away from obvious death, to live at least in Europe in peace, we did not wish to continue fighting with Russian agents, but we were tired, we did not want to fight any more, we had families…


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