Zaza Mzekalashvili

Is there Public Transport In Telavi? Somehow YES, Somehow NO


Public transport have been important issue in Georgian awareness for years. This sentimental phenomenon underlines the part of society, who has not car and money for taxi, they are majority from the very beginning.
If you are oversensitive and interested to find out the cultural and mental peculiarities of nation, you are forced to enjoy narrow-minded or come back to home and watch “The train was moving” (Georgian movie, 2005).
Instead of public transport, we have private transport. They have their own timetable and do not subordinate any official system, which could to some extent make us think that this town is not swept away by the water.

Private transport, so called “Marshrutkas” move in the parts of town (Caucasion str., Alazani avenue, hospital, university), where there are more traveler and need less time and fuel. Otherwise, this kind of public transport is available only during working days till 6 o`clock. So, although “Marshrutkas” exist, majority of population is offside and cannot use them. On the other side, we see traffic jams already in Telavi and it`s hard to find place where to stop the car. Here it is so called unregulated parking.

Of course, we cannot say that public transport will change the euphoria on people`s mind in order of having own cars, but it will be step forward.
Who have been living in Telavi for previous years, will remind big yellow buses which served for free to students and school pupils and their route was quit satisfiable. These people will also remember, how mystically these buses disappeared and occasionally were found on Givi Chokheli stadium. Still there is no money in municipality to make these buses active again. While at the same time in Public Councils the issues under discussion are how to place rubbish bins near Metro in Ikhalto and installation of overhead cableway from the mountain Civi to Center of Telavi.

Time goes on but not for Telavi!
Promises never become old and new ones never loss topicality. And we look forward Murmanidze`s resolution from year to year. ( Georgian movie “Blue mountains or unbelievable story”)

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