Training in the issues of LGBT


“Identity” is conducting an educational project by the support of small grants program of the Democracy Commission of the United States Embassy in Georgia, which aims to raise the sensitivity of Georgian

students towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender) issues. Within the project the organization is planning to hold the second Georgian student conference on LGBT issued on April 24, 2017. Any student of every level and specialization from any accredited university can participate in the conference.
A stipend of 265 Laris (in hand) is envisaged for the participants, which will be used by 10 selected students, as their own wish, to cover the costs of the research (e.g.: transport and communication expenses, compensation for the interviewers and interviewees, printing questionnaires, the researcher’s royalty and other expenses). Documentations ascertaining the research budget and costs is not demanded.
As the coordinator of the organization ‘Identity” defines:
“Those willing to participate in the conference can choose any research topic, which deals with the social, legal, economic, cultural and political situation of LGBT people in Georgia”- states Tamila Kavtarashvili.

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