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Kakhetian Women’s Club releases a statement:Stunning statistics, analysis of the Court decisions, conditions of femicide and recommendations of the public Defender.

Despite notifications and increased number of the orders for Retention, unfortunately, a system for monitoring and evaluation women’s murder was just established.
Only in 2017, investigation had begun on 26 facts of women’s murder and among them 14 were committed for family reason; according to the article for attempting to kill women, 15 facts were investigated and among them 12 were offences of family-based violence. This statistics indicate that most of women’s murder is connected with the family violence and in this case the Public Defender gives a strong recommendation to define femicide as a separate offence.
Unfortunately, gender equality in economic, social and political areas is still a problem in Georgia. Despite a number of positive changes at the legislative, institutional and civil levels, the indicator of family violence and gender discrimination in public life is still high; this in itself violates the principles of equality and respecting human values, it complicates realizing women’s abilities to benefit the country and the society.
Hence, we demand: the safety of Manana Kavtarashvili and her children to be ensured, a special attention should be paid to her by the Ministry of Home Affairs and find an asylum for them in a timely manner. The state should ensure the safety of the woman and the children.

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