I am Kakhi Gigauri

I am Kakhi Gigauri

I am Kakhi Gigauri, 28 years old, from Akhmeta. I work at the Kakheti Regional Development Fund as a youth project manager.

?After graduating from school I would probably have a hard time imagining if I would return to live in Akhmeta. A few years ago I realized that the main thing I want to do in life is to work in Akhmeta Municipality with young people. In 2013, I started training in the European Foundation’s Youth Integration Program “Youth Idea”, from which I realized that I should definitely continue working with young people. Until 2019, I was conducting trainings for various organizations. One of the highlights was “Future Camp”, where I had contact with up to 2,000 young people during the project.

?Since 2019, I have already started thinking seriously about that I should have returned to Akhmeta and started carrying out various activities. I was looking for a way to implement my plan and it was at this time that the Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF) announced a volunteer vacancy. After 7 years of work experience, it was not easy to make a decision, but I left everything in Tbilisi and went to Akhmeta.

✨Working at the foundation exceeded all expectations for me. I can confidently say that this is a team of professionals and I always have a hope for their personal and professional support. I have grown a lot over the last year, which is a credit to the foundation and the amazing people who work there.

◻️The main challenge for me is the lack of young adults of my age in the municipality. I think there should be even more perspectives for young people in Akhmeta, to come back and apply their knowledge and experience to our municipality.

?The main motivation is my attitude and great love for Akhmeta Municipality and its inhabitants and if my activities contribute at least a little to the development of our region it will be a major success for me.

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