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Georgian Dream Authorities against UNM Candidates and their Family Members – Maya Purtskhvanidze’s Husband Grigol Gogishvili has been severely beatten up

On March 6, 2017 the husband of the UNM member and activist Maya Purtskhvanidze – Grigol Gogishvili was severely beaten up. As the police confirms the investigation is in progress. The  incident took place in Tbilisi, next to the family owned apartment in Digmis Masivi district. Mr. Gogishvili and his friend where returning home on Grigol’s car, when several strangers attacked them, gun pointed the friend and nearly killed Grigol Gogishvili.

The family members do not give details to media in the interests of the investigation, but as it has been told the attack is related to Maya’s political activism and the already well known fact, that she is going to run for 2017 LG elections as UNM candidate for Telavi Mayor’s post.

Zviad Achishvili’s Relatives were bitten up by the police on the territory of the hospital

According to the public defender’s report, the illegal actions were taken against the reatives of Achishvili by the police. Namely, Anzor Gunashashvili has suffered a serious physical trauma, his left hand is broken near the palm, and his head is injured due to biting up with a heavy material. Presently he is in the hospital is undergoing the medical expertise.

Public Defender is demanding the dismissal of the representatives of police forces from the occupied posts and to be immediately sewed for the illegal activities and violence against Anzor Gunashashvili


Human Rigts defender Achishvili is giving an interview from the hospital:

I was meeting with people, as usually, and was sharing their concerns about the maltreatment from the Akhmeta Police forces, how they were illegally stopped, given tickets without any reason, were threatening them that they would “put in” the drugs in their pocket and would arrest them “red-handed” and all of these is only happening because they are ethnic Kists, and they are not Christians. This type of complaints from the population was not the for first time, need to tell you that only in 2014 this is the 7th meeting and local population has always expressed their protest against such attitude, but the government does not listen to its own citizens. Therefore if there is anyone  interested in stopping my human rights defence activities, and my visits to the meetings organized by the people,  is the government. Therefore I have realistic doubts that the attack was organized by the Georgian Dream Government representatives and was ordered by them.

We would like to remind you that Zviad Achishvili was bitten by unudentified individuals and was severely hurt.

The human rights defender Zviad Achishvili, was bitten up and physically offended on the bases of Xenophobia. It is known that Achishvili was conducting a meeting with the population of the Pankisi Gorgeat Akhmeta Municipality. As per local community, their rights are not respected and they suffer comparative injustice with the rest of population of Georgian ethnicity. After the meeting Achishvili was driving back to Tbilisi, he was stopped by the strangers, and started biting him without even saying the reason. There is one more member of Equality Movement, who was arrested. 

BY this moment the lawyer of Yong Lawyer’s Association is trying to obtain the right of visiting Achishvili and his companion. Achishvili was transferred to the resuscitation unit of the Akhmeta hospital. is trying to contact ministry of internal affairs of Georgia and we will provide any updates that will be obtained. 

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